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Listed here are three Special Education Law firms, that have websites with lots of helpful information for parents about advocating for your child.

bulletWrightlaws website Special Ed Advocate and Special Education Law

Lots of great information's on Special Education cases and has lots of useful information (this is one of our favorite sites).
The following are a list of articles some members have found useful:

bulletSpecial Education and the Law article by Robert K. Crabtree
Mr. Crabtree is a partner at Kotin, Crabtree, and Strong, LLP, a general practice law firm in Boston, Massachusetts.  Among other areas of practice, Mr. Crabtree concentrates in special education and disability law. Mr. Crabtree and his partner, Lawrence Kotin, were principal draftsmen of "Chapter 766," the Massachusetts special education statute that was a progenitor of the federal special education law now known as the IDEA.

Here is a list of some articles written by Bob Crabtree:

bulletOther special education articles:

bulletThe Reed Martin Special Education website, is defunct as of June 6, 2007.  Reed Martin was an attorney who concentrated on special education right for over 34 years.  His law practice was in the state of Texas for 22 years, then he moved to West Virginia.  Reed Martin and his wife Connie Matthews, Media, LLC create manuals and the website that focused on Special Education Legal Rights Strategies and Resources.  After his wife Connie Matthews pasted away in 2007, the website was eliminated.

We found some of his articles posted on another websites and found three of our favorites and converted them into PDF's (thanks to Dr. S. Lowe) and found this first article (20 Steps To Getting a Good IEP) on another website:


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