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Massachusetts Colleges - 4 year programs:
American International College Springfield private
4 years
A small co-educational.  Has wonderful comprehensive services. Their program has been around for a long time and is called Supportive Learning Services.  Professor Mary Saltus is the Director. (LP, LDW)
Anna Maria College Paxton private
4 years
Catholic, co-educational, liberal arts college with Career Preparation.  Has a supportive Learning Services. (LP)
Assumption College Worcester private
4 years
Catholic, co-educational, liberal arts college.  Has developed a wonderful comprehensive services based on a school needs assessment.
Becker College Worcester private
4 years
They have a center for Academic Success.  The center provides one-on-one and group tutoring, study skills instruction and workshops, and writing seminars.  They offer additional assistance for LD students. (LP)
Boston University (BU) Boston Private
4 years
Office of Disability Services.
(Please send us your comments, if you know about this school LD program.)
Bridgewater State College Bridgewater public
4 years
They have extensive disabilities resources, check their website on Disability Resources.
Clark University Worcester private
4 year
Clarks' support services started in 1983 which was federally funded.  Sharon de Klerk is the coordinator.
Curry College Milton private
4 years
Excellent program for LD. They have many support services available.  Recognized Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL), a structured support program.  Lori Lubeski is the outreach coordinator.  617-333-2035.  She will come and speak to PAC's, groups, schools, etc.
Dean College Franklin private
2 or 4
They have a Disability Support Services (DSS) located in the Learning Center at Chapman House. Check out the information available on the web site, including documentation guidelines, forms, Assistive technology services. There are two other programs, the "Bridge Program" which is a 4 week academic enrichment program to assist students make a successful transition from high school to college and the "Dean Arch Program" which is a college preparatory program supporting students with learning disabilities who need or desire one or two semesters of intensive skill development. (LP)
Fitchburg State College Fitchburg Public
4 year
Their Disability Services department has a webpage on FAQ.  There is an Asperger’s support group that meets weekly.  (In 2002, they piloted a program for peer mentoring support, that ended in 2005.)
Lesley University Cambridge private
2 or 4 year
The Threshold program for students with an IQ of 80 or below. I've heard good things about it from a friend who got her Master's there and went back to teach.  They also have other services.  The Office of Disabilities Services. The Disability Services Assistant can be reached at: 617-349-8655. (Belmont, LP)
Mt. Ida College Newton private
2 or 4 year
Has specialized support programs, including two different programs for students with documented learning disabilities.  (Belmont, LP)
Newbury College Brookline private
2 or 4 year
Offers a Academic Resource Center that offers a range of services, including tutoring and writing lab.  The center staff includes the Associate Dean fro Academic Services, academic counselors, several faculty members, and trained student tutors.   Center is open 8 hours a day. (LP)
Northeastern University Boston private
4 year
Has strong support at their Disability Resource Center, where Grad students also help with remedial tutoring and writing. Copied form the web: "Your first point of contact to begin the registration process is DRC Service Coordinator, Debbi Auerbach, who can be reached at 617-373-2675. (LDW)
Pine Manor College Chestnut Hill private
4 year
Is a women's College, four-year liberal arts college dedicated to preparing women for roles of inclusive leadership and social responsibility in their workplaces, families and communities.  They have a academic support center.  Staffed by professional full time tutors, the center offers individual tutoring in writing, mathematics, reading, study skills, and time management. (LP)
Suffolk University Boston private
4 year
(Please send us your comments, if you know about this school LD program.)  Has a handbook on disabilities and services available.
University of Massachusetts -
Amherst public
4 year
Has waived foreign language requirement for LD students. Has resources available with proof of disability (diagnosis, ed plan etc.)
University of Massachusetts -
Boston public
4 year
The Ross Center for Disability Services has it's own website.   Renee LeWinter Goldberg, Ed.D., C.E.P., is the assistant director of the Center.  They work with students who have LD, AD/HD, Head Injuries, and Psychiatric Disabilities.
University of Massachusetts -
North Dartmouth public
4 - 5 years
The Office of Disabled Student Services (DSS), is a support organization helping students who are disabled to pursue their educational goals while adjusting fully to their new environment.
There is a program called "College NOW" for students that meet certain eligibility criteria.   The applicant must live in Massachusetts, and be either a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident. (According to the Ronald McNair Grant, effective Fall 2005)
Then applicants must satisfy one of the following criteria:
  • Low-income status (as defined by federal guidelines);
  • First generation to attend college;
College Now students benefit from a special academic program and counseling that is aimed at insuring their success at UMass Dartmouth.  Students are assessed in the Spring before they enter  (using the Nelson-Denny Reading Test and Key Math) and their academic records are reviewed.  After being accepted, the students participate in a "skill-building" academic program during their first semester.  Each student is also assigned a College Now counselor who can give answers and advice about all aspects of college life. The counselors help students determine, and reach, both their short-term and long-term goals. Peer counselors other students lend support and guidance to those in College Now. After successfully completing that fall semester, the College Now students continue at the university in the same way as all other students. They become degree candidates and select their major from any of the university's programs. (More often than not, College Now students take five years to receive their degrees.)   An average of 80 students enroll at the university through College Now every year. Because of all they have in common, the College Now students become a close group, and a source of encouragement and support for one another throughout their stay at the university.
University of Massachusetts -
Lowell public
4 year
Office of Disability Services has their own section on college website, and list six different type of supports available.  Tutoring and academic support is available to all students through the Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS).  Learning disabled and physically students requesting special consideration for additional tutoring should discuss their needs with the Director or Assistant Director of Disability Services.  All tutoring is in group format and is provided by peer tutors.  Questions about services for students with learning disabilities should be directed to
Dr. ChandrikaSharma, 978-934-4574.
Westfield State Westfield public
4 year
Small classes, students for their program are selected by the college president to participate. There  program is not widely advertised.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Worcester private
4 year
Is a science and technology university.  Lots of hands on learning and working in teams.  They have a new major (for 2005-2006), Computer Game Design, it's the first major of its kind in the United States to combine training in both computer science and the humanities.  They do not mention their LD support in their tour or information session.  They do have a section on their website for the Disability Services Offices (DSO).  After reading over the DSO material about support services available, they essentially say that the student must self advocate.
Worcester State University Worcester public
4 year
They have a Disabilities Services Office that has assisted several college students with accommodations (when necessary) or just support.  We know of students with ADD/ADHD, psych. disorders, physical, and other disabilities successfully make it through their programs with the supports offered by their student peers as well as the DS office.
Massachusetts Colleges - 2 year programs:
Bunker Hill Community College - BHCC Charlestown Public
2 year
or certif
Have Associate degree and Certificate programs.  One of the largest colleges in the state's community college system, call for information. Contact: Al Curtis, Disability Support 617-228-2234.
Cape Cod Community College West Barnstable Public
2 year
or certif
Known for their support programs.
Holyoke Community College Holyoke Public
2 year
or certif
(Please send us your comments, if you know about this school LD program).
University of Hartford Hartford, CT Private
2 year
or certif
Comprehensive LD college then can transition to regular college for final 2 years.
Middlesex Community College Bedford Public
2 year or certif
Has a two-year certificate program for students with significant learning disabilities called the Transition Program (see the link below, under Entry Level Job Training.)  Also has support services for students with physical or learning disabilities. For more information call Disability Support Services 781-280-3630.
Springfield Technical Community College Springfield Public
2 year
or certif
(Please send us your comments, if you know about this school LD program).
Quincy College Quincy Private
2 year
or certif
Is a fully accredited two-year college degree and certificates of completion in a variety of studies; such as Business, Computers, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, Fine Arts, Fire Science, etc. (LP)
Certificate programs: Credited programs with hands on  training. Entry Level Job training: Programs for students with low-average range cognitive ability.
Out of State Colleges:
Colby-Sawyer New London, NH Private
4 year
Co-educational, liberal arts and science programs with professional preparation. (LP)
Hampton University Hampton, VA Private Offers doctoral degrees in nursing and physics, the doctor of physical therapy and the Pharm.D. in pharmacy.  They have dozens of programs to offer students more choices among academic majors and professional careers, including music engineering technology, marine and environmental science, entrepreneurial studies, and sports management.  Hampton is the first historically black college or university to offer the Ph.D. in nursing.  Check out their Testing Services webpages.
Johnson and Wales University Providence, RI Private J&W is known for more than their culinary program!  They have a College of Business, School of Technology, The Hospitality College and the College of Culinary Arts.  They have 47 different degree majors. They also have a special needs office. (LP, Belmont)
Lynn University Boca Raton, FL Private
2 years
4 years
The Institue for Achievement and Learning helps student discover and use their personal learning style to encsure academic success and offer internationally recognizied programs for students with learning differences. (LDW)
New England College Henniker, NH Private

2 years
4 years
Many majors are available with opportunities to interact in internships. The Learning disability support provides all the accommodations for students with IEP's. 
(Bridge Semester, that was for students who need some pre course before entering college including an outdoor advantage program is no longer available)  (LP)
New England Institute of Technology Warwick, RI Private
18 months  or 4 years
Non-profit technical college offering Associate and Bachelor Degrees.  Students learn the hands-on laboratory and classroom training.  Students with strong interest in technology can receive support services.
Landmark College Putney, VT Private
2 years
One of the best! All students must have a diagnosis of a learning disability or ADHD; student to faculty ratio (3:1) and small class size (8-12). Most stay for the full two years for an Assoc. in Arts degree in General Studies, then leave or transfer to a 4 year college. They also have a three week summer program for high school juniors entering their senior year. English, Study skills and Seminars in Group Tutorial, Assistive Technology and Self Advocacy are covered. (LDW)
Lyndon State College Lyndonville, VT Public Has academic support center with tutoring, counseling, and learning specialists. They also have a Gateway Program for first year students who've experienced some academic disappointment and need help to experience success in college.
Manhattanville College Purchase, NY Private
4 years
Offers three support programs: HELP Center for LD students, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Committee accommodations for LD students and the ARC (Academic Resource Center) for all students.
The HELP Center, for an added fee, provides one-to-one tutoring, test taking accommodations and any other accommodations recommended on a student's Psycho-educational Evaluation. Each student's academic needs are met individually (The HELP Center does not do any psychological counseling. That is available through the Counseling Center.) The college does not provide note-takers in any of the programs.
The ADA committee helps students with basic accommodations such as separate location for tests and extended time on tests.
The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers academic support free of charge to all Manhattanville students in a variety of subjects and skills at all levels of the curriculum.
Mitchell College New London, CT 2 years
4 years
Offers the Learning Resource Center (LRC) that provides academic support services for students diagnosed learning disabilities, AD/HD and other related disabilities.  LRC classes are included in the students schedules. (LP, Belmont, LDW)
Quinnipiac College Hamden, CT Private Impressive support center for students.
(Please send us your comments, if you know about this school LD program.)
Southern New Hampshire University Manchester, NH Private Offers 35 majors in business, education, hospitality and liberal studies.  There are programs for academic remediation in math and writing.  Academic support services include professional as peer supports and supplement instructional labs. (LP)
Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) Six locations within RI Public Provides accommodations and support to students. (Steve I.)
Rhode Island College Providence, RI Public
4 years
Has disabilities specialist and have resources to address the needs of students with disabilities. The Dean of Student Life and his personnel review IEPs , 504 plans and evaluations.  Accommodations are provided pending documentation. (Steve I.)
University of Connecticut Storrs, CT Public Excellent supports. One-on-one 2 x week meetings with Special Education doctoral students to start. They also offer special multisensory instruction for Spanish courses.
University of
New England
Biddeford,  Maine Private Provides wonderful LD accommodations and supports. (graduate, Jennifer W.)

(key: Belmont= parent represented at Belmont College Fair, 5/2003;
         LP= parent represented  Learning Prep School, College and Post High School Fair, 3/2005
         LDW= parentrepresented at Learning Disabilities Worldwide Conference, 10/2005-2006 )

Webpage Acknowledgments:
We  would like to acknowledge Carolyn S., one of our Concord SPED PAC parent member for her notes and collecting the information on 13 of these colleges from the college fair on 5/7/03 - College Planning Night for Parents of LD Students.  The fair was collaboratively planned by: The CRLS and Arlington High School Special Education and Guidance Departments. The colleges represented at the fair were selected because of track record for providing support services and an overall supportive environment for students with disabilities.

The Belmont Special Education Advisory Council and the special education department of Belmont High School for having this presentation on College Planning Night for LD/ADHD Students and Parents, since 2002.  This presentation has primarily forced on the process of college selection and application, obtaining accommodations on standardized tests, and the types of evaluations required by colleges in order to obtain disability support services.  Most colleges offer some sort of disability support services in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (504's).  We also want to t
hank to Jane Dougan and their PAC for having this type of presentation.  We have learned that some colleges offer only minimal support or accommodations, while others offer comprehensive service.
That programs may be included in the cost of tuition, while others charge an additional fee.  The public colleges and universities often have strong support services.  Some schools have a separate admissions process for LD and ADHD students, while other colleges require that all applicants compete on an equal footing for admission.

In June, 2004 we want to thank Debbie P., for updating our list with more then 14 LD colleges that we collected from her post on MassPAC email list and Renee L.G. for sending us her input on many of these colleges.


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High School IEP/504:

Your student's High School IEP or 504 along with their latest evaluation results usually do NOT get submitted to the college admissions office.
Most colleges have a disability office where you can send a copy of your student's IEP and latest evaluation results can be submitted AFTER admission to the college.

Your student's IEP is only valid until they graduate from high school, or age 22, whatever one comes first.  You need to have updated evaluations (done in the last 2-3 years or less)  that will be used to qualify students for 504 that allows for accommodations (i.e. longer testing time, separate testing room, etc.).  The College, disability support center will create the 504, for use at the college level. 

College professors are made aware of the 504 accommodations, but it is IMPORTANT your daughter/son also be a strong self advocate, to make sure they get what they need in college.  They will need to approach professors, about the 504 accommodations, or go after class/during office hours for questions and further explanations. 

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Here are some college preparation tips:

1.  Be pro-active with the college.  Work closely with the school counselor of your top choice(s) of colleges and find out how their process works.
2.  What services are available through college disability support services (is their additional fee).
3.  Make sure your child gets their application in early to the college. (When the college has more opening for new students.)

(Special thanks to PAC member Ginny Wan Zaid, for  providing us with the above information, from her personal experience with 4 out of 5 children.)

After your student has been accepted:

4. Make a separate appointment with the disability support services.
5.  Have your child sign a letter giving you permission to discuss their progress and grades with the school personal (they are consider adults and you no long have any right to any information (even if you are paying the bill).


Articles about the Laws that apply after high school: (Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act):

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Guides and Post secondary Articles:

A list of Student Documentation Requirements for eight different disabilities (ADHD, LD, Deafness, Hearing Impairements, Mobility, Injury related, Psychiatric and Visual) for Support Services for Students with Disabilities, on the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) website, it is good place to started. Take a look at 7th requirement, under AD/HD and LD.

Disability Services for Students, Transition Guide for Parents.  Take a look at 7th question/statement:  "My son or daughter is adamant - he/she doesn't want anything to do with any disability office!"

The LD Resources web site has been providing information for people with learning disabilities and people who work with people with learning disabilities since 1995.  Has several articles, for example: Chosing a College for Students with Learning Disabilities (1996).

Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc. (LDW) is a non-profit, volunteer organization including individuals with learning disabilities, their families, and professionals, they have an article titled. A Guide to the College Process: Gettig In and Staying In

"I'm In, I'm Going, Now What? Practical Advice for College Bound Students with Learning Disabilities"

The George Washington University, HEATH Resource Center, National Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities has a list of articles:

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Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) has articles about first year college students with disabilities.  AHEAD brochures are valuable "user-friendly" general information resources for students, parents, faculty, and administrators alike. They have a dozen different booklets available, here are two that parent have recommend:

Toto, I Have a Feeling We're Not in High School Anymore  (thanks to A.Smith, Western Mass.)
A Handbook for Parents of Students with Disabilities

Transitioning to Adulthood: A Parent's Guide by (23 pages) 14

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K & W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder, 8th Edition (College Admissions Guides)
by Imy F. Wax, and Marybeth Kravets (2005)

Click on cover to order
K & W Guide to Colleges for LD & ADHD students
816 pages
Princeton Review, 8th edition


This book contains basic information in an easy-to-use format. It has the admissions procedures for LD kids, and shows the number of staff a university devotes to assisting students with disabilities.  Advice from specialists in the field of learning disability programs admission requirements and graduation policies; services available to learning disabled students at each college: tutors, note-takers, oral exams, extended test time; policies and procedures regarding course waivers or substitutions; names, phone numbers, and email addresses of program administrators at each school; and strategies for finding the right program for each student's needs.
Colleges for Students With Learning Disabilities or ADHD (2007)
(earilier title: Peterson's Colleges With Programs for Students With Learning Disabilities Or Attention Deficit Disorders)
Click on cover to order

650 pages
Peterson's Guides
8th edition
This Guide has profiles of learning disability programs at more than 750 institution in the U.S. and Canada;  Legal considerations for learning disability programs, including distinctions between K-12 and higher education requirements;  Step-By-Step Process to Gaining Admittance to Learning Disability Programs.  Tips on how to prepare for the college experience and profiles of successful people with learning disabilities.

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Scholarships/Financial Resources:
There are scholarships out there and financial resources for students with Learning Disabilities.

National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), scholarships and awards, given to students with Learning Disabilities (LD) and attention issues (ADHD).


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