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The following is a list of the changes to our web site, since July 2001 (latest month listed first).
August, 2007
July, 2007
June, 2007
May, 2007
April, 2007
March, 2007
February, 2007
January, 2007
December, 2006
November, 2006

  • Updated the Evaluators web page, Anne Daniels is no long at North Shore Hospital.
  • Updated the Type of Test webpage, add a link to DAR2 and added a description of these two informal reading tests, the DAR and WADE.
  • Add a column for Programs (i.e. OG, Saxon Math, LiPs, etc.) on the Specialized Schools web page.
  • Add the title to Disability Links web page.
  • Updated the Harvard PAC and Norton website description on our Massachusetts SPED PAC's On-line page.
  • Added AANE has a list of social groups document and added Teens Groups, in our area run by Denise Grenier, MSW, (ASD) Certified Specialist to our Social Skill webpage.
  • Updated Elsa contact information, and added her email address and NH phone number on the Social Pragmatics webpage.
  • Added Louis Moats Spelling book cover images web page on Spelling web page.
  • Correct some formatting issues on the  Type of Test webpage.
  • Update our homepage, changed the photo on our website to fall leafs November and calendar link to start at November.
  • Added social skill group in our area run by Linda Price M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Licensed Educational Psychologist in MA to our Social Skill webpage.
  • Updated Elsa training focus and contact information, and added Pamela Ely Martins, SLP-CCC, Ely Associates on the Social Pragmatics webpage.
  • Update the name of first PAC meeting, to 'Kick Off Dinner Meeting' on the Calendar webpage.
  • Update abbreviations and add a link for both the ABCN and ABCN, on our Doctors webpage.
  • Update our College for LD students webpage with two new resources (thanks to A.Smith, Western Mass.).
  • Update IEP Vision Statement Examples  webpage, where are these listed on IEP (thanks to our Steve L.)
  • Updated the introduction information for Behavioral Optometrist, Developmental Optometrist, or Vision Therapists
  • Updated Vision Therapy page with what are vision problems and what are some of the common issues.
  • Added new footer to our original webpages with the creation date of September 1998 on the Mission webpage.
  • Added the footer to 12  webpages created in 1999: Calendar-August, 1999, Disabilities Links-Auguat 1999, Disabilities Organization and Local Organization where both combined on one webpage-September 1999, Evaluators, and Type of Evaluations where combined on one webpage-September 1999,  Therapy-September, 1999 (all 6 therapies combined on one webpage).  Why Evalutate-September 1999, Tutors-October 1999,  Recommend Parent books-October 1999, -October 1999, Laws-October 1999, Specialized Schools-November 1999.
  • Added the footer to the Ed Methods created in September 2000 (had all four Educational Methods on one webpage-September 2000).  Add new footer 17 webpages with the creation date of July 2001, under About Us: Past Speakers, PAC Accomplishments, under Testing and Evaluating: Signs of Trouble, Request Sample Letter, under IEP: Definition, Reviewing, Time Factors, Extended School Year, under Parent Education: Parent Tool kit, Parent Resources, FAQ, under Reference Material: DOE Publications/forms, under Professional Help: Doctors, Advocates/Consultants, Lawyers, School Consultants, under Law: What happening, under Recreation: Summer, Winter, Sign of Trouble
  • Add new footers to 4 webpage with the creation date of August 31, 2001, Question to Ask Evaluator, BMP, Definitions, Reviewing your IEP, PAC Business Meeting Minutes
  • October, 2006
    September, 2006

    Pass changes to our web site:
    6.  Sept. 2005 to August 2006 (11 months)
    5.  Sept. 2004 to August 2005 (11 months)
    4.  Sept. 2003 to August 2004 (11 months)
    3.  Sept. 2002 to August 2003 (11 months)
    2.  Sept. 2001 to August 2002 (11 months)
    1.  July 2001 and August 2001 (2 months - major redesign)

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